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Pizza - With Free Home Delivery!

Comic 7 best pizza shop with free home delivery
best pizza shop with free home delivery

The best pizza ever for those who are hungry as well as homeless. Two storeyed home with double crust pizza and a swimming pool if you order a drink as well!
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  1. Transcript of today's comic:

    Comic Panel 1:
    A TV anchor is holding the mike, standing outside a pizza shop and the cameraman is shooting.
    TV anchor: Today dear viewers I am standing right in front of that famous pizza shop...The shop which has broken all records of pizza sales in history!

    Comic Panel 2:
    TV anchor: "How did you do it sir?"
    Pizza shop owner: "Well we offer free home delivery with every pizza."

    Comic panel 3:
    TV anchor: "But doesn't everybody offer that?"
    Pizza shop owner: No, we are different.

    Comic big panel 4:
    (The TV crew and pizza shop owner are standing outside on the side of a street. The owner points to the house across the street where one of their delivery boys is delivering a pizza to a guy standing at the door of a house)
    Pizza delivery man: Here is your pizza sir!
    Next to him is a crane which is carrying a house in its hook
    Crane's megaphone: AND HERE IS YOUR FREE HOME!


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