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Looking For A Girlfriend

Comic 8 how to get a girlfriend?
how to get a girlfriend?

No ladies who are girlfriends are single and no single ladies are girlfriends! So how does a guy get a girlfriend? Arrggh! Dating is tough. No wonder I am single! 
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  1. Transcript of this webcomic:

    Webcomic Panel 1:
    Guy : Hello! Are you a girlfriend?
    Girl: Why yes I certainly am!
    Guy : That is great! I was looking for a girlfriend. Now I have found you!
    Girl's angry boyfriend shouting from a little distance away: HEY YOU GET AWAY FROMHER!

    Webcomic Panel 2:
    Guy: Okay I am going (walks away looking dejected)

    Webcomic Panel 3:
    (Guy comes across a more attractive looking girl with blonde flowing hair, blue eyes, good figure, stylish red dress and a book about quantum physics and relativity in her hand)
    Guy: Hello are you a girlfriend?
    Attractive girl: Nope! (smiling and interested look)

    Webcomic Panel 4:
    Guy (again walking away sadly) : That's sad. I was looking for a girlfriend. I guess you aren't a girlfriend.


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