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Alcohol to the rescue!

Comic 5 sorrows drown in alcohol not water
sorrows drown in alcohol not water alcohol drowns your sorrows

Stupidosaur Science Trivia: 

How to measure density of your sorrow:

     Pure water density is 1000 kilograms per cubic meter. Your sorrows are much lighter than this. Alcohol, that's pure ethanol, has a density 789 kilograms per cubic meter. Your sorrows are heavier than this, so you can drown your sorrows in alcohol! Now start with water (in which your sorrows will definitely not drown!), and mix more and more strong liquor to it as you go. The density of the mixture at which your sorrows just begin to drown is the density of your sorrows! It is science! 

P.S: Guys this is a joke. Drink responsibly. Instead of 'drowning sorrows', alcohol might itself be a cause of depression!
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1 comment :

  1. Transcript of the comic:

    Big guy : I am very sad. I have great sorrows inside me.
    Little fellow in his belly : I am Monsieur Sorrows the great. Howdy.

    Big guy : This cannot go on. I MUST drown my sorrows!
    Little fellow : Dude, chill.

    Big guy (holding a big glass of water) : This GINORMOUS glass of water should drown my sorrows.

    Big guy (drinks water) : * Glug Glug Glug *
    Little fellow (floats in the water in big guy's belly): Bring it on sucker! Water is heavier than sorrows! I am floating WHEEE! Thank you Archimedes!

    Big guy : DARN IT! The water didn't drown my sorrows at all! All I gained is this strong urge to pee! BRB.

    After the break...
    Big guy (holding a big mug of alcohol): I think I figured what went wrong last time. What I have this time will definitely drown my sorrows!
    Little fellow : Dream on! We know how this went last time!

    Big guy (drinks the alcohol) : * Chug Chug Chug *
    Little fellow (drowning in the alcohol) : WHAT THE * bdbdbbd ga grrdp *

    Big guy : Aha! Finally drowned my Sorrows in good ol' booze! Sorrows floated in water because of being lighter. But alcohol is lighter than water! Light enough for my sorrows to sink in! DIE SORROWS DIE!


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