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The Different Types Of Palm Trees

Comic 10 Webcomics - Most important type of palm
Comic - Coconut palm, Date palm and Face palm

I got so excited when they told me there is a lady palm! But it was just pathetic. Not even one lady grew on the lady palm :( 
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  1. Transcript of today's webcomic:

    Today we will learn to identify different varieties of palm trees.

    Comic panel 1:
    Guy (on the beach, pointing to a type of palm) : Can you guess what type of palm tree this is?

    Comic panel 2:
    Yes indeed! It is a Coconut palm! (arrow points to coconuts growing on the palm tree)

    Comic panel 3:
    Guy (In an arid desert-like landscape, pointing to a palm tree) : That was easy! Here is another well known variety. Can you guess?

    Comic panel 4:
    That's right! It is a date palm! (arrow points to the dates growing on the palm tree)

    Comic panel 5:
    Guy (pointing with both hands to an exotic strange looking palm tree) : Finally check this baby out! It is the most famous of all palms!

    Comic panel 6:
    It's the Face palm! (Arrow points to faces growing on the palm tree)


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